Our Expertise

Our Team are pragmatic and seasoned in their approach to providing contractual support to both Operators and Contractors
Contract Strategy Development

All contracts have a start and end point – how they come to life can dictate their success or failure.


Developing the appropriate contracting staretgy for a development or project can depend on a number of factors including:-

  • Availability of skilled and competent contractors 

  • Maturity of project scope

  • Maturity of Operator organisation 

Operator focussed services

Prequalification of Contractors

Preparation of RFQs

Evaluation and normalisation of tenders

Contract preparation and drafting

Project start up

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) creation

Probabilistic cost and schedule determination

Contract claims management

Contract close out

Project shut down and handover

Contractor focussed services

Preparation of prequalification submissions

Coordination of tender preparation

Contract negotiations

Australian content identification

IR coordination

Fuel rebate identification and recovery

AQIS compliance

Customs and importation coordination

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) creation

Budget / forecast to complete management

Progres claim preparion

% completion calculation

Contract claims management

Project closeout


Dispute Resolution services

Dispute resolution can a number of forms including senior management conferencing; mediation; adjudication; arbitration and formal court proceedings.